2015-11-07 11:12 pm
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Thoughts during Love Live! Extra Life...

Currently watching the Extra Life Love Live! stream with Umidah. Trying to get a code is basically nonexistant. I swear there's a hoarder here, and one other person says they've gotten three Nico codes (like China Dress Nico). And I'm like... I get none because I'm one second late. And you get three? How fair is that?

I've been slacking with writing. BUT! I know where my ideas are going, especially after sitting inside the school library Thursday. I haven't been doing nothing! Tonight I also signed up for the CLAMP Secret Santa. Three things: NaNoWriMo, CSS, and Yuletide. That's it, I'm done. Along with treats. And NaNoWriMo now takes precedence until I'm at the place I should be.

Debating whether to skip Toonami tonight. I'm really tempted.