Kisuru ([personal profile] kisuru) wrote2017-01-29 04:42 am
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I hate it when I have to read people complain that a premise for a TV, book, or movie, or whatever in a tanking plot, reads like a bad fanfiction. People do this all the time to suggest fanfiction is unworthy and it's not fair that we equivocate all fanfiction to being terrible.

I know fanfiction isn't the epitome of quality. I've read plenty of horrible, out of character stories I couldn't believe existed. But for the number of awful fanfiction, I've read well-written fanfiction that's more engaging than actual stale-by-the-formula published books for the hard work and effort authors pour into characters they love.

So, no. Take back your insult about fanfiction. If the premise or story in question is bad that doesn't mean it's all like fanfiction. It's probably filled with cliches and other bad quality tropes that won't stop plaguing popular stories anytime soon, but fanfiction certainly is more creative and immersive than some people give credit.

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