I can't write plots.

I'm sitting here. Thinking about this a little bit. I realize that it has been nibbling incessant at the back of my brain for years whenever I sit down to a document.

I never wanted to say that ugly thing to myself, because you can write long plots if you really try. I'm going to admit it to myself, though—I just can't write large-scale stories the way I want to, and that's what I aspire for. That's what is making me realize just how important stepping stones shorter stories are. Can you believe I once scoffed at them? Yes, scoffed! (Maybe roleplay did turn me into a semi-elitest.)

I always thought if I thought deeply and hard enough about a plot I'd dredge up something good. But that's not true for me. I have a hard time writing long-standing plots. I sit here and my mind draws to a complete standstill because I don't know where or what I'm doing. Which character should I make what are they doing, anyway?

Now, I know a lot of people have the same issue. Everyone does. But I can't help but look at fics and see that people kind of know what they're doing the whole time. I'm envious. Or, maybe they just don't whine and about their troubles in OoC which is Writing Rule 1#. But I always feel like I blank slate out drying like a dead fish much, much more in comparison.

There's always kinkmeme to write for. I'm glad I found those, because I ponder over them regularly. Those are still sort of a thing. I don't think as much because LiveJournal isn't as active as it used to be. Whenever I view the old communities there they are dead, dead, Dead with a capital D. Except the handful of ones that remain super active.

But, as far as now, I think I'll focus on the kinkmeme prompts. Oh, and Yuletide when that starts up soon. Can you believe I wrote Light the Way Home that long ago already? Steps in the right direction!
Sometimes I do get a little bogged down by accurately checking facts, but I also think it's the natural cycle of writing and I'm surprisingly not that strict with myself. While in the midst of writing checking a fact or two through Google can vastly improve what I want to say. I think it gives what I'm trying to say life. When it gets tedious and becomes time-consuming, though, I think it's best to just write and take some liberties until. Afterwards, you can check what you need to make the scene work. This only really proves as a major problem to me if you're writing a crime/mystery story.



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