I have overslept way too much recently. I mean, way too much. And I'm going to post this here, because maybe it'll kick me into gear if I read it clearly.

It's not because I really want to. Besides laziness I think it's because my sense of drive has sort of drained away from me during the last few months. And that goes against the one post I declared I would do better on writing more. Still working on that. Yuletide helped me out a bit.

Well, I am doing both. Reading and writing. But not in the copious amounts that should feel self-fulfilling. Mostly on the writing. And I need to get myself to remember that. Once again, but the reality is setting in finally.

To be frank, though, that one week my sleepiness was justified. It was the weather, I swear. I absolutely was half sleeping while sitting up in my chair (some of this happened before even when I had sufficient sleep the night before, or I just don't know). Despite how valient my efforts were my tiredness boiled over apparently. It doesn't seem to be happening anymore though. But I really do blame the weather that week; I was oversleeping all over the place that week, at home and school alike. Sitting up in my chair and all.

Actually, that "sleepy" week really is grey in my memory. I don't remember it very well because it felt dull and lifeless. And even in front of other people... I just wanted to sleep? Do you see how this is honestly not my fault? I tried to stay awake, and I failed. The weather's fault!

Now it's the spring, and the summer is fast approaching. So I shouldn't have to be sleepy until winter like that again. But it's strange because winter usually don't do that to me to begin with.

Now if you'll excuse me I have both a Asian history and a journalism final to write. By the end of this weekend.



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