Haven't posted here for a while...

So, one of the biggest breakthroughs in news this week is that the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage is legal in all the United States. Which is a wonderful thing, and I'm glad that everyone who wants to be married can be now! All Friday I was pretty estatic about it. Rainbows were everywhere on Twitter and Tumblr choking me and I loved every moment. Even though I don't think I'll be married any time in the near future, the thought of being married at all in my state, where gay marriage wasn't allowed and almost was until it was shot down, would have been inequal in every way to me. Alabama apparently banned straight as well as gay weddings in protest, though that won't last forever.

I also finished two classes for summer session one. One class was an English/art class that blended storytelling with collage. It was fun, though I don't think my projects were the best and I could do better with better materials. Oh, and I also did a class about Brazilian film history. We watched a few from the 1960/70's (or set in) such as Black God, White Devil and Four Days in September. But I'll tell you, the one that shocked me the most was Carandiru. A violent film, that. But also an interesting look into prisons that doesn't whitewash anything.

Before I took this class, and even the art class, I wasn't sure about either one of them. But now that I've taken them, I'm glad that I did. They both opened my eyes to a few new ways of storytelling not only with paper but cinema as a whole. And I learned how to talk about film a little bit. It was an experience.

For next session I had the choice between an English class that's about writing for the Internet, or a speech class. I planned to go with the speech class because it's from 1-4 in the afternoon. The other is 6-9 at night. Still, I'm feeling sort of weary recently, and I thought perhaps taking a break to write during this summer break would prepare me for the fall. I have upcoming English classes.

Oh, and my buying has picked up again. I recently discovered Mandarake's wonders. Apparently SAHRA is a warehouse and has everything predetermined in shipping, so I use that as a basic guide to how my other orders will be charged for shipping (I've gotten away without outrageous amounts of shipping until now, amazingly). I've only made one order from Umeda. Some X telecards and a small Nanoha/Fate plush set... I know, I should have thought that order through better, but now I'm glancing through as much as I can and adding the necessary items to my favorite list so I'll always have something on stand-by. I particularly know the CLAMP section by heart right about now. The Nanoha, Madoka, and K-ON! sections aren't safe from my clutches, either.

Actually, the real reason I went ahead and bought the plushies and telephone cards so hastily was because of the Tokyo Babylon Shoten. I'm smitten with it for obvious reasons. I had it all lined up in the shop with a nice order in Nagoya. But BAM. Somebody bought that right before me (and the CLAMP News 7# with Subaru on the cover because I thought, hey why not, it's cheap). It made me sad. Oh, well. At least I didn't go overboard. That was a few weeks ago, but I'm still working on my next order as we speak. I'll probably ramble about that later. I'm looking at Amazon Marketplace for items, but I'm on the fence about it.

No, actually, I've been looking for CLAMP merch over the artbooks all morning. As well as trying to write. We'll just have to see what this amounts to.



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