Oct. 31st, 2015

Lots of things.

Today was a good day. In Eli's Medley Festival I didn't tier. It was a nice steampunk design, but I wanted to save up for a UR (and oh the happiness, just wait). The T2 tiers for that reached and T1. Pretty crazy, right?

I also got a Pure MedFes. I swear I was at 703 combo... the highest I've ever gotten, wiping out that 503ish from September. About to finish Sweet, Sweet Holiday. BUT THEN I missed up on the last few notes. I know, I'm so upset. But at least there will be more chances, right?

During this MedFes I got 2-3 Alpacas and 2 Scouting Tickets. One gave me ninja Maki. The other gave me Nico (after I chanted for her). Only problem was, that was a Rare. Can't win them all.

The best thing came around 3:20. Before then I saw the new Victorian Kotori UR. I was so thrilled. Okay, so I only had 100 Loveca prepared. Wasn't really sure what would happen. So I draw once, got the ninja Rin. That's officially my first SR idolized (still upset about Pana) and it reaffirms how great idolized looks compared to unidolzed. Sometimes. My Scouting Ticket only gave me a Maki Rare, too.

So, then I draw again... AND BAM THE RED ENVELOPE FLIES OUT. First scout that had a UR fly out. I didn't know what to expect (well, I did, but!) and I held my breath and it was my beautiful Victorian Kotori coming home. <3 Way too happy for my own good. I love my new Kotori UR so much. I just wish i could have her ballgown idolized version. That dress is totally my favorite kind of design, and I'm sure Nozomi will be amazing when she's out. So far we can see the skirt of a purple dress peeking into Kotori's card... so obvious is obvious.

Lots of SIF first for me today. Halloween this year is being great to me. I played the game so much today I feel kind of burned out, though. The other Eli event isn't too bad. Still have to work on cleaning out those N cards.



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