Sep. 18th, 2015

But what about Hayate learning to walk.

We all know saw how much Nanoha struggled to walk after her accident. She had that flashback in StrikerS, and I swear it's more detailed in Tsuzuki's head even though he couldn't delve into it. That's still a debatable idea for the movie 3rd, whenever that'll grace us.

But what about Hayate? She basically couldn't walk most of her life because her energy was constantly being drained. And then you'd imagine she'd have to struggle with that and the Knights still doting on her and not really knowing how to stop themselves from being fussy... And at one point Hayate would probably have to put her foot down and say, "Let me do this by myself. I appreciate it but I've always been indepedent since I was basically a baby. So please, guys."

I don't know if anything small was covered in the side materials... I still haven't read them all. I guess I just wondered because almost everything else is, so why not that? We see Hayate walking and fighting in SrikerS. There's a disconnect here. We're like, okay, let's accept this because it's been ten whole years canonically and Hayate's a strong girl. Nothing probably all that interesting happened during her physical therapy, but my headcanon is that Hayate's struggle with walking comes from people trying to help her just a little too much but don't realize she's got this down. It would make for some good sentimental fluffy/comedy atmosphere material.



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