Sep. 10th, 2015

I played this game for basically six hours straight. That’s the longest I’ve grinded since I started this game believe it or not and I wasn’t even tiering. Mostly for Honoka’s card (my Smile team, RIP), but I also had some good LP to burn for my beloved Kotori. And yeah, I’m not the highest ranked in EN yet. So…

You can imagine my annoyance when I realize less than about 25 minutes before the events ends that I literally have 5 points left to get Honoka! I’m seriously like… wow, this is my luck. This is why I can’t pull a UR. So, even though I burned 4 of the maintenance Love Gems to get Honoka already, I go the extra mile and pay one more and get her immediately. I ended using as much as I could after that to get under 20,000 points. It worked—I even got in the mid-10,000, which is much different to how hard it was to get out of 20,000 for whatever reason. Well, at least I’ll get 2 Love Gems back and a green Scouting Ticket.

Oh! And in Kotori’s event, I was lucky enough to get a gold prize yesterday. I didn’t know what it was and expected one of Niko’s siblings as I had on Saturday happen BUT THEN it was a green scouting ticket too! And for a set of Normal songs because my teams in both versions are still iffy, pleasedon'tstomponme.

I’m done with this game now until I’m forced to drain my LP for Kotori in a few hours. If KLab can’t show love for Honoka, I’m glad I could. I pray we don’t have events this short anymore. It’s so much easier to play this game on Thursday night after my school week ends.



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