Jan. 22nd, 2015

So earlier this year as my sort of New Years resolution to myself I dragged all of my stories to [personal profile] wildfireblossom. None of my stories will be listed here anymore. Not that I think anyone really read anything here besides a few passerby, possibly.

From the start I felt like it would be necessary to divide up my creations from my personal ramblings. Maybe I will also post other essay type things here and move them over if they're relevant. So I suppose this is my journal to experiment with now for the better or worse.

Really, stories and personal info didn't look at all good enough to clump together. This journal still needs sprucing up with my tags and getting new friends. I can progress on that in good time.

I kind of wish I had made another New Years Resolution. Would I keep it? If I really wanted to. But I don't think it's necessary when I need to improve on writing most—that's my true killer.

I think the silent, solemn promise I made to myself is to write productively, hence wildfireblossom. And review more fics. So far I haven't done so well on these fronts, but I have some things in waiting which should redeem my tardiness to that. And comments that have yet to be posted until I make sure my comments are good. Sometimes I feel as though nobody would care about my opinions. I might as well say something, I suppose.

Maybe it's not so bad after all.
So the closest I have gotten to reading Vivid is about a chapter, I think. Then I read the first chapter of Force and promptly forgot everything I had seen. This happened a long time ago. Now, I have read some of Innocent. Still need to work on catching up, Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how many side materials that are in Nanoha I haven't gotten to.

The Vivid anime will remedy the fact I haven't seen Vivid. I welcome Nanoha and all my favorite characters with open arms! Despite the first two movies having come out the last few years there will surely be new people joining in on the happiness that is the Nanoha universe with a brand new TV anime rolling in for fresh, impressionable eyes to see.

At first I thought the anime would happen this summer (I remember that being announced somehow?) but I am totally stoked it's coming in the spring. Just like StrikerS before it. Well, except eight years later. But it's finally happening! The manga were supposed to test the waters, I believe, and we have our result for (impatient) waiting.

And Nana Mizuki and Yukari Tamura are reprising their roles as opening and ending singers. Okay, so they've sung the OP/ED for everything and it was guaranteed, but I've seen some people say it'd be better to switch them out to keep things fresh. I can see where they're coming from. Still, having them is a Nanoha tradition in the show and movies alike and I wouldn't want to have it changed any other way.

Besides, the third season of Dog Days is airing this winter. I have to watch the second season yet. It seems to have hit off on a good beginning from what I have heard with more of a possible plot incoming. In all, it's just a total treat to get so much at once.

I really hope Vivid isn't that short. Since it's been a while it might one cour. But it does well maybe it'll get an additional season. Hard for to me judge because I haven't read it. There's a tournament going for it. Those always take forever to get through, right? You can't fault me for wanting to have copious amounts of the Nanoha series in my life, in any case.



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