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So I didn't tier for JP Hanayo. With one or two more hours, I could have done it. I had 20516 and needed at least 21610. My luck.

I used the Green Ticket after the event, and no surprise, I ended up with the Rhythmical Charm Smile Nozomi just to rub my salt wounds a little deeper. Yes, I should have started a bit earlier And i planned to, but I was up for a day and only slept for a few hours before (7ish-11 PM), so it had to be... should have done it the morning before. At least I got three hours of intense grinding in. I tried to do too many short Hard songs when I probably should grinded Love Novels instead—the only EX I can play right now on JP. That would have driven me crazy, maybe, but who cares.

On the other hand, the EN rice goddess Hanayo is looking to be pretty easy so far. The Score Match is easier to tell these things because there's no 4x to wait for. I've actually slacked off a bit in EN so far. It's one of those rare events, or not so rare with Klab shaking up the shedule, that starts a day before the JP ends and it feels so claustrophobic. Either way, that tier is looking pretty low. I"m standing at 68 Love Gems as of this post and Maybe I'll try to see if I can go for her! You know, earlier than the other Hanayo.

Maybe the other was a wake-up call in these things since this is my first time tiering for these events. But I'm level 94 in JP, and 68 in EN, so I've gotten pretty far!

There's also an SR and UR poll I voted in tonight. I voted for a lot of URs I liked for the login bonus, but I may have made mistakes with Maki and Nozomi. Maybe—but I still liked those SRs. Yes, I said SRs. Well, there were other SRs I liked too. Well, I'll either go over that later or see what the poll says at the end of the month.

Speaking of Maki, Maki has a new UR after ninja Niko went away. It has dogs in it. It's an animal set and I'm happy about it! Kotori's card isn't included... but it'll probably have a bird. I hope not, for once. I want her to have another animal to be associated with. Meanwhile, Niko has some chicks, which I believe show up in a few other cards. But they're cute.



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