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Two days ago I scouted my very first non-promo UR. My promos on EN are okay, but it's nothing compared to seeing a Rare envelope flying out of the blue voucher box and thinking that it'll be an SR (Rin curse prevails). But nope! I saw a pink envelope and the rest of history. I thought I wouldn't be the squealer type (because I'm not), but I apparently did despite all that. I had 50 LGs to kill and I thought I'd go out of my way to scout. On my quest for the ninja Niko, of course—which proved no success after three attempts and I'm still salty. But! I did recieve Flower Crown Niko and Cyber ver. Kotori, among a few other SRs. So I'm not too upset now that I finally have more Smile cards to use in general.

But the UR was January Honok. I've looked at that card in passing and thought it looked really pretty, so I'm not complaining to have my new Cool Honoka. I even arranged for her to be my main leader and to have colorful SIF background to support her colorful charm. Funnily enough, it doesn't stop there. Someone in my JP version also has the same Honoka and background. I noticed right after I checked my friend's list to see what other URs they had as their mains. Someone has good taste.

Currently I checked a while ago and I saw I'm also 9,600ish in Umi's current EN magical girl event. That's... very low now that 4x has started. Usually I rock the 2000 mark even in token events lately. Are the cut-offs going to be that low, or am I just kicking more ass than usual by playing so much? I dunno, but I may have to tier if this keeps up. Always need magic girls around.

Speaking of the event, the event story has shorter segments but they're still pretty cute moments for Umi and Honoka. The story feels like it's more about Honoka than Umi though because it's about Honoka running away from home with her father not approving she puts so much time into u's... Well, the setting is Umi's house and it's not really running away because Honoka is confiding in her as a friend. Good enough?



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