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The issue of consensual sex during SeiSub stories is pretty interesting. Many times it's borderline rape, but it really isn't because I've noticed most SeiSubers don't like writing that and opt for sweeter stories instead. I have to classify most of it as dubious consent.

For example, one thing I find interesting is that Seishirou doesn't ever really find out Subaru's wish until maybe the end (that, no, he doesn't want him dead) but he somehow knows in all these fics that Subaru wants to be with him. And that's how people want to depict Seishirou—they want to overrule that and say Seishirou knows Subaru loves him, which Seishirou sadly never knew.

It's not really a big deal in the long scheme... but it's making the relationship healthier in a way. Seishirou still acts like a bastard. Subaru is usually unsure though he second guesses himself with Hokuto but doesn't think about it much by the end. Like all those stories about Seishirou bursting into Subaru's apartment. This assumes Seishirou wants to be there and wants to see Subaru squirm (that shows he actually does have feelings). Meanwhile, Subaru's fuming he's there but he doesn't want Seishirou to actually leave. And he accepts this all when they inevitably do have sex... and everything is okay, because they both accept that.

Somehow I feel like this is in character but out of character. It's strange, but to me I guess Subaru should make more moves on Seishirou to get what he wants rather than the other way around.

I'm not really sure where I was going with this post. Just wanted to get this idea down on paper. I just simply thought this dynamic is interesting. Maybe I'll edit this later to make more sense.



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