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One of the disconnecting things about X is that it, in fact, is set within the perimeters of Tokyo and we don't feel much connection to the outside world. Some of the characters have that connection but most of them are regular Tokyo inhabitants. Granted, this makes X's Tokyo setting feel even more realistic in my mind than most other series and their settings. It's like a breathing, living being this Tokyo just the real version. And I say bravo to CLAMP—it helps they have such a fleshed out universe.

The story is generally murky about the Earthy dying and being reborn anew because you really don't know where all these dreams are coming from that say it's going to happen. I know this story is very much character driven, but there's still this opposing force outside it that begs for wondering—I mean, why should they believe in such a fate to begin with? Is there no other way to fix it? And does killing each other really do anything when none of them are really terrible people? (Excluding Fuuma and Seishirou, they have their own special interpret ions.)

I'm probably not the person to ask about all the little religious details. It's obvious that there's heavy Christian themes used for the Kamui to represent saving the world, and all the artwork shows that. But it feels strange still that through whatever higher power in fate knows this, I can't cannot to it so much because of the setting. It feels alive... but I don't connect it to the outside world as well.

So, I'm saying Tokyo feels genuine. It's so genuine and important to the story I don't feel a certain connection to saving the world or not saving the world. And that's one of the fundamental things in the whole series, which is strange.

There's a few other things I wanted to say about the characters. But I think I'll leave that for another day.



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