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Going to make a list of everything SeiSub is. It's kind of baffling.

1. Polar opposites in magic (ying-yang, light and dark).

2. Arguably best friends during the year of the bet. Seishirou ends up not caring for Subaru in the end but they still did many family-ish things together.

3. Generational clan heads, rivals.

4. Polar opposites in personality. Seishirou's confident and ruthless, Subaru's shy and gentle.

5. Bringer of life and happiness, bringer of death and despair. Deal with spirits.

6. Two people who were extremely well-versed in talking with other people but had no idea how to communicate between themselves because they valued each other so much.

7. Both have two women that are important in their llves first before each other. Subaru (Hokuto, Lady Sumeragi) and Seishirou (Setsuka, the tree is arguably sentient and an ancient woman).

8. They're both stubborn. Impossible, lovable idiots.

9. Seishirou's a vet. Subaru wanted to be a zookeeper. Death and life with outside sources driving them on.

10. Subaru's an older vampire, Seishirou's a newer one because of him.

11. Subaru wanted to die because of Seishirou. Seishirou took the imitative and committed what was more or less a ritualistic suicide for Subaru's sake.

12. Both of them are some of plain yet elegant and sophisticated characters.

13. Both very obsessed with each other in nontraditional ways.

14. Both of them don't really know what true love is. Subaru figured it out sooner, probably, but they both are confused. Subaru had too much love for everyone and couldn't differentiate, and Seishirou had too much "love" from Setsuka and that may or may have not scarred a sociopath mind already.

15. They loved each other (... nothing can convince me otherwise anymore).

16. Subaru has a penguin in Shoten 5... a penguin... the aquarium... Seishirou loves penguins... (therefore Seishirou loves Subaru -cough-).

I'm sure there's more. A list like this has floated around in my head for a while, so I'll add onto it when I think of more. Just had to get this out of my system.
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